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Combine quiet, reliable heating with a unit heater. Unit heaters come in all sorts of sizes and styles to suite any location or application. Also known as “garage heaters”, unit heaters can be used to heat a shop, cabin, warehouse, factory, or retail space.

Due to their low cost they are used in a wide variety of applications, commercial, industrial and residential. Unit heaters are typically used in areas with high ceilings, and are able to heat a large volume of area.

There are two different types of unit heaters available: gas and electric.

Gas unit heaters are typically used in areas that have high ceilings and are exposed to the area they are heating. They don’t typically require extensive duct systems.

The duct system they use is designed for use in ducted applications with a separate air handling device. Since gas heaters use a separate air source, they can provide greater flexibility in airflow delivery.

Electric unit heaters are offered in many different models, sizes, and styles. They are incredibly versatile, and because of their versatility, system installation and design time is minimized, meaning lower installation costs.

Many are pre-engineered, and factory-install control options are available. For instance, some electric unit heaters are typically used for spot heating. They are factory-wired and –fused for quick and easy installation. While others require more consideration; some electric heating units are designed specifically for rugged industrial applications.

They are explosion-proof to be used in hazardous locations where the presence of flammable material, vapors, or powdered metals create a possibility for explosion or fire.

No matter what type of heating unit you have, Alpine Refrigeration can provide quality service for preventative maintenance, installation, and repair. We find due to their location, a lot of times unit heaters are neglected and don’t receive the attention that they require.

This leads to reliability and safety concerns. It is important to remember a unit heater requires the same servicing as other gas or fire appliances.

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