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Deciding the best method to heat and cool your home is a big decision; heat pump or furnace? There are many things to keep in mind, and since each home is different and each resident has different needs, make sure you know the differences and benefits of each before choosing.


A furnace heats your home using natural gas (only very few furnaces use propane or oil), or electricity.

They force the heated air through the ducts using a fan and out of the vents in your home.

Natural gas furnaces produce heat more cost-effectively, but depending on whether your home is equipped with gas lines, it may be a big decision to install one.

Electric furnaces are another option on the side of cost effective heating and low carbon emissions, and if your home does not have natural gas, it may be a great option

Heat Pumps & Furnaces
Heat Pumps
Heat pumps use electricity, which means it releases little to no carbon emissions.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is an air conditioning system that can heat your home in the cooler months of the season.

The reason for the name, “heat pump”, is regardless of what time of year, it pumps heat; in the winter, it pumps heat into your home, and in the summer it pumps heat out of your home.

Since a heat pump has the ability to both heat and cool your home, it’s an incredibly efficient system for comfort and affordability.

"My furnace kicked the bucket in the middle of January. Alpine had a truck and service tech out to my place within a couple hours and had the problem fixed.

We're 15 mins outside of Chilliwack, so I was pretty happy with that. Price was pretty much what I was expecting and the woman that fixed my furnace was really professional - showing me exactly what was wrong, what she had to do to fix it, and the cost.

Overall very happy with the service and I've recommended to a few friends."
Glenn Brubaker

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